Canada's Justice System on Trial

Revised Edition

Alex Macdonald Q.C. is a former attorney general of British Columbia who practised law for more than 40 years and who has argued cases at every level including the Supreme Court of Canada

Is justice being served by Canada's current justice system?" asks former B.C. attorney general Alex Macdonald in the second edition of this controversial book. For the most part, Macdonald's answer is "No."

Clogged courtrooms, procedural wrangling, problems caused by well-intentioned but ill-considered legislation--these all combine to thwart natural justice. Acerbic and iconoclastic, Macdonald points to the system's foibles and failures in a book that is guaranteed to inspire outrage, incredulity and a demand for judicial reform. This updated edition includes new material on such controversial topics as DNA testing, and the relationship between the juror and the accused, as well as a thought-provoking final chapter that sums up the action Canadians must take if we want to reform our criminal justice system.
"Macdonald's book should be in the library of every Canadian who wants to reform the costly and time-wasteful justice system." --Victoria Times-Colonist

* Young offenders are getting away with murder-literally.

* Supreme Court rulings trample on the constitutional powers of parliament.

Macdonald takes a common-sense, politically neutral approach that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. He offers reasonable solutions, not just a list of problems.

Alex Macdonald is a former attorney general of the province of British Columbia. He lives in Vancouver